Welcome to Techno-CLIL for EVO 2017!

This blog will display Techno-CLIL for EVO 2017 participants’ thoughts, plans, ideas and experience with CLIL in classroom.

During the course the participants will add a reflective post on a given topic so to provide an interesting insight into day to day teaching with CLIL.

A quick introduction to Techno-CLIL


My favourite webtool Giovanna Abbondante

TECHNO-CLIL FOR EVO 2017 Moderators: Letizia Cinganotto & Daniela Cuccurullo Reflecting on my favourite webtool Name and surname Giovanna abbondante Country and city Naples,italy School level where I teach Primary school Subject/s taught Italian,science,art Webtool chosen: link and short description British counsil Youtube I use educational video that I find on the net School level …


Letizia Cinganotto: letizia.cinganotto@gmail.com

Daniela Cuccurullo: danielacuccurullo@gmail.com

Techno-CLIL :  leda.technoclil@gmail.com