My favourite webtools

I have viewed and used different webtools and I found particularly interesting Rewordify and Snappy Words. Rewordify is a free online reading comprehension software which helps you understand what you read. Infact the language has its levels from easy and beginners level to the complex kind for the grownups. There are always some phrases, words or paragraphs that cannot be deciphered easily. Rewordify is useful when we need the dictionary. The website is simple, just paste the difficult sentence that you are having difficulty in understanding in the yellow box and press “Rewordify text” below the box. Snappy Words is an easy-to-use online interactive English dictionary. It provides the meanings of words or phrases, generates synonyms, and draws connections to associated words. Simply type a word in the search box and click “GO.” Instantly you will see a word map. As with most online tools, teacher monitoring is strongly advised. Children can then create a list of synonyms and their own word “maps” for new vocabulary words.

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