My 10 reflections about Connecting online Conference

My reflections on webinars.


The  webinars  are all  very  interesting  and the  moderators  OK. The webinar I prefer is :EVO 17Minecraft Mooc ,  on Friday 2nd  March. Topic is very fascinating. The moderator explains  well  how it’s possible to learn in a fun way and obtain good results. I agree with him. Nowaday the use of technology in the classroom has increased and students are “sons” of technology and mainly of video-games. Then ,why don’t link   games and learning?  On the other side the link between games and learning is not a contemporary phenomenon or a digital one . I think that I will examine closely this topic.

my favorite webtools

Reflecting on my favourite webtool


Name and surname


Maria Serrone

Country and city

Italia- Bari( Giovinazzo )

School level where I teach


Secondary school

Iss lotti umberto I Andria


Subject/s taught




Webtool chosen: link and short description



Padlet, thinglink, poowtoon ecc



School level where it could be used


In evey school level



With everything subjiect

Skill/ skills the webtool may enhance


search for content, storytelling, teamwork, associate content to the topic

Students’ level of English



Basic and intermediary level
Technical requirements (if any) basic

My experiments with the webtool (if any): external links, pictures, screenshots etc.



Additional comments