my favourite webtool

Reflecting on my favourite webtool


Name and surname


Francesco Ruocchio

Country and city

Italy, Prato

School level where I teach


Lower secondary

Subject/s taught




Webtool chosen: link and short description

Noteflight is a full-featured application to edit, display and play back music notation in a standard web browser (on computer, tablet and smartphone), integrated in an online library of musical scores that anyone can publish, link to, or embed.


School level where it could be used


Lower secondary




Skill/ skills the webtool may enhance


To feel pulse and rhythm.

To recognize note values and note names.

To hear different notes forming chords.

To create melodies and rhythms.


Students’ level of English



Technical requirements (if any)  

My experiments with the webtool (if any): external links, pictures, screenshots etc.


Additional comments


My last favourite webtool Carmela Barca

The last

Week2 blog: reflecting on webtools webtool Carmela Barca
Hi,I’m primary school teacher;in this scolastic year I teach in primary school,but the last year I teached in kingarden school,so I did’t know the webtools.This course is very important for me because I’m finding many interesting things,to enrich my teaching,my lessons with pupils.(l’m sorry, only now, in thi phaseto copy and send, I realized to Have made post in forum expert’s voice Gimeno Sanz, the 18 January. Excuse my unfamiliar with the platform).

Malvina Cellucci My favourite tool

Hello, my name is Malvina Cellucci and I’m an English teacher in two Primary Schools.

My favourite tool is padlet. It’s a very simple tool, and I think it’s funny, too, for my students.

A padlet is a wall, and in this I do a double click: at that moment I have a window, and I can write all I want. There is a space for the title, and another space for my text. I can add a photo, too; often I wanted add some photos, so I mix the photos in a power point and I export this as JPEG; in this case I can add all my photos. I can add a link, too. And often I add a vocaroo link, where I registred my voice; it’s funny, and simple, too.

When I finished my text I move my mouse and I can have another window, for another text. I can move my windows, and put them in a order, as I like.

I used padlet last year, for the first time, with Techno CLIL for evo 2016, and then I used padlet for many times again.

I like this tool, and I’ll try to use with my little students. They can create a padlet, like a big poster on-line, with all their texts and pictures.

I can put a different wallpaper, and I can import the image I want.

My experiences in padlet:   my first padlet; techno CLIL 2016

these are my homeworks for an Immersive  English course in edMondo…


I like also another tools. With this course I knew some many tools…  and many are funny, useful, easy to try with young children. I would like to know another, and I hope to use these with my children.

Michele Galati: Reflecting on my favourite webtool

Reflecting on my favourite webtool

Name and Surname: Michele Galati

Country and city: Pinerolo, Torino, Italy

School level where i teach: Secondary upper vocational school

Subject/s taught: General and Applied Psychology

Webtool chosen: link and short description: Google Drive ( I use google drive in teaching for more reason: i can create a gmail account for my classes through which we can share documents. Furthermore we can create presentations kind powerpoint or exel and share results, photos and mental maps. It’s great that we can job and save at the same time more results that all students can find in the account in the next time

School level where it could be used: Secondary upper school or others

Subject/subjects: Psychology or others

Skill/skills the webtool may enhanced: Cooperative learning and teaching

Student’s level of English: Basic level or more

Technical requirements (if any): Lim to job at school. A gmail account in tablet, pc or smartphone to job at home

My experiments with webtool (if any): external links, pictures, screenshots etc.: Recently i use google drive to gather and share pictures and photos about cooperative job realized by students in class about social psychology and emotional intelligence

Additional comments: Google drive is very easy to use